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"Child Labour Free License From Nepal Rugmark Foundation & Care Nepal"

                     Gandaki Carpet Industry Pvt. Ltd. was officially established in 1985. It produces exclusive quality of woolen carpet according to the customers demand. It has been providing employment to thousand of people (men and women) direct or indirect in process of carpet production in various stages and nature.

                     Gandaki Carpet Industry Pvt. Ltd. has been received Child Labour Free License from Nepal Rugmark Foundation & Care Nepal.
                     Pashmina one of the finest, softest and warmest wool, is made of inner fur of mountain goat(Capra Hiracus) which is found in high land, 12000 ft, above the sea lever. Its main characteristic is light, soft and warm Fashion of Pashmina, which has a high demant, is notable in the global market.

                     Gandaki Pashmina Industry was established in 1999. Since its inception, it has been manufacturing pashmina of different designs & colours and exporting it for five consecutive years catering to the consumers choice and needs. Viewing at the international market trend, it has been exporting pashmina.

The manufacture of woolen carpets are a commercial commodity started only in the early 1960's. In the last four decades, Nepal has produced and exported wollen carpets to various countries.

The manufacturing of the woolen carpets is both complex as well as interesting. It is the diligence and dedication to quality and craftmanship.
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